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Danae Rodriguez


Available at our SOUTH Indianapolis location near Greenwood

Sometimes life throws us unexpected challenges. Sometimes we have avoided or ignored situations and events that have been incredibly distressing and do not seem to ever really go away or get easier. I believe everyone deserves to heal and grow from these struggles and challenges. During difficult times you may find yourself feeling isolated, disconnected, misunderstood and unheard. You may be questioning your life and your decisions, but there is a part of you that has never given up.


I work with clients who are struggling with concerns relating to anxiety, self-esteem, depression, mood disorders, substance use, and various traumas. I focus on providing a safe and non-judgmental space. Through the use of this therapeutic setting, my experience, and the hard work my clients have put in; I have witnessed the emotional and mental progress and healing of so many individuals. I have also had the pleasure of working with people from many different cultures and ethnicities. I speak both English and Spanish fluently.


I began working in the mental health profession while working on my bachelor's degree in applied psychology at the University of Indianapolis. I became a mentor for Big Brother Big Sisters and Latin/x youth. I worked at residential facilities, shelters, community organizations and hospitals. I completed my internship at an outpatient treatment center and as a mental health technician at Eskenazi Health Hospital while obtaining my master’s degree in mental health counseling.

I was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. I enjoy traveling and exploring the outdoors during my free time. I am grateful to have found both my passion and calling as a mental health therapist. I look forward to building a positive and professional therapeutic relationship with you, centered on your healing and self-empowerment.

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