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Suicidal Thoughts, Planning, & Behavior

If you are currently not feeling safe, please call 911 or text BRAVE to the Suicide Hotline at 741741 to text with a trained crisis counselor.

Depression, isolation, feeling misunderstood, rejection, trauma, anxiety, feelings of failure, hopelessness, worthless, and many other factors contribute to the beginning and persistence of suicidal thoughts, planning, and behaviors. Often these factors can act like blinders and you may feel like your options are becoming more and more limited until you feel that taking your own life is the only viable option left. These feelings and internal experiences are real. They are traumatic and should never be taken lightly. There is something truly brave about reaching out for help. In fact, given the lack of energy, drive, and motivation, reaching out for help can be a tremendous success. 

Although we can never promise that you will never have suicidal ideation again, suicidal thoughts, planning, and behavior can be managed. Sometimes we may feel like our life requires some extensive overhaul for us to achieve healing and success. However, often times small adjustments can make incredible impacts. Before you know it, you can enjoy your life and maybe even one day again describe yourself as "happy".

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