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Stress Management

Our goal is not only to reduce your stress, but to help you rediscover peace and tranquility while potentially achieving an even higher level of success.


On a purely biological level, stress is the over activation of the sympathetic nervous system.  This over activation can cause rapid heart rate, shallow breathing, muscle tension, difficulty digesting, lower sexual functioning, change in blood sugar, racing thoughts, depressed mood, and potentially many other physical symptoms. Stress can affect our sleep, our capacity to handle other challenging situations, our patience, our performance, our ability to give in relationships, and even our self confidence. We may also space out, have difficulty focusing, or have difficulty forming new memories purely due to how stress affects our brain functioning.

Stress can be managed. Often times it may require us enforcing new boundaries and/or developing new habits. This may take time, but often individuals working towards stress management can see some results quickly. Sleep better. Enjoy life, family, and friends. Breathe easy again. You can manage stress and restore a healthy life balance.

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