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Anxiety, OCD, & Panic

Our goal is not only to reduce your anxiety symptoms, but to help you better understand what your brain/body are doing and give you the tools to navigate mild to complex anxiety.


Anxiety in all of its forms can be extremely debilitating, potentially causing strain or loss of relationships, loss of opportunities, restrictions and limitations on activities and daily life, negative impact on health, nightmares, flashbacks, and many other life altering effects. The anxious mind can begin producing "false" signals of danger which triggers body symptoms such as: increased heart rate, racing thoughts, sweaty palms, sinking feeling in stomach, rapid/short breathing, high blood pressure, and muscle tension. These symptoms then increase catastrophic thoughts such as: I'm going to die, I'll never get over this, I'm having a heart attack, and how can I get out of here. These as well as many other catastrophic thoughts increase body symptoms and the cycle continues. You may find yourself avoiding certain places, people, or memories.  You may be easily startled, have difficulty sleeping, or have angry outbursts. There is hope. You do not have to live this way any longer. You can achieve peace of mind by developing tools to manage anxious thoughts and panic symptoms. You can reduce these symptoms and learn to navigate towards a sense of safety again.

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