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Eating Disorders

Our goal is to help you gain insight and learn effective coping skills to create a balanced relationship with food and your body.

Eating disorders are serious and complex brain-based illnesses. They do not discriminate and can affect any gender, age, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and body shape/weight. Having an eating disorder is not a choice and can often feel isolating and all-consuming. There can be multiple contributing factors of eating disorders including biological, psychological, and social/environmental.

There are several different types of eating disorders:

-Anorexia Nervosa

-Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

-Bulimia Nervosa

-Binge Eating Disorder

-Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder


-Regurgitation Disorder

Although seeking treatment can be anxiety producing, it is an important step to begin the recovery process. We are happy that you are reading this, because it means you are at the very least considering not taking on your eating disorder alone. We can work with your already established medical team (i.e. doctor, eating disorder registered dietitian) or if you do not have a team yet, we can help you find and build the best team around you for your recovery. The team approach is beneficial to ensure adequate support as you work toward healing. It is possible to recover from your eating disorder and live well.

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