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Substance Abuse & Other Addiction

Our goal is not only to help you gain the tools to achieve and maintain sobriety, but to experience wholeness.


Addiction is best described as cunning, baffling, and powerful. It is the disease of disconnection – meaning it will often isolate you from the people that you love and negatively impact your relationships, which will then make the addiction worse.  It is difficult to talk about as there is a lot of judgment surrounding it in our society today. There is often a theme of guilt and shame associated with addiction as well.  This can often lead to other issues like depression or anxiety.  Perhaps substance use has become a way to try to manage your emotions.  This is very common as we are all humans and often just want to feel better.  You may have tried to quit many times and always found yourself back to the same behaviors. You may have found it nearly impossible not to fantasize about your habit, think about how it made you feel, lie about what you are doing now, and even begin to glamorize it. This is all true and relevant whether your addiction is drugs, alcohol, gambling, gaming, sex, shopping, internet, food, your image, adrenaline, or just getting a high off of anything.


We can help you set up healthy supports, create a recovery plan and deal with any underlying depression or anxiety issues that come with it. There are steps you can take to no longer feel the need to escape and there are other ways to relax, or reward yourself, so you will no longer need to rely on your substance/activity of choice. You will be happier and more satisfied. There is hope for recovery.

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