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Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

A new baby can cause many significant emotions. Sometimes we can experience joy and bliss, but other times we can feel very powerful forms of anxiety and depression.

You may think that you should be happy and you have no reason to experience these other emotions. However, postpartum depression affects nearly 15% of mothers and although we do not have specific data it also can affect fathers. So you may be more irritable or sad. You may feel completely overwhelmed and have uncontrolled crying spells. You may have difficulty sleeping, change in appetite, and consistent mood swings. You may even have thoughts that you are not a good mother/father or of hurting yourself or your child. Although you may feel significant shame about any of these experiences, don't face it alone. You are not the only one. You are not the first to have these experiences. If these symptoms haven't faded in two weeks, it's a good time to reach out. We can help you cope and manage these thoughts and feelings. You can enjoy your child and family, restore some of your energy (because newborns take most of that anyway), sleep better when you have the chance, and create long lasting happy memories. 

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