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Depression and Grief & Loss Support

Our goal is not only to help you manage the pain, loneliness, and hopelessness, but to finally experience happiness.


Depression can feel like living life wearing blinders. It can begin to feel as though you have limited options and the options are getting darker and darker. You may be contemplating suicide. If so, I hope you will call the Suicide Prevention Line at


Depression may also cause you to feel as if the most basic tasks are overwhelming and it takes every ounce of motivation you can gather just to take a step out of bed. Feeling hopeless and worthless while having no interest in things you used to love can feel like walking around with the weight of the world on your shoulders. 

Grief takes on many shapes and although it has many similarities with depression, depression is just one of the five identified stages of grief. Grief is generally more unpredictable. Sometimes grief causes some to feel paralyzed, as if the world is continuing to move, but they are standing still. 

Whether you are experiencing depression, grief, or suicidal thoughts, there is hope to breathe freely again through the onslaught of weighty emotions and darkness. You are not an exception. Despite what it may feel in this moment, you can Live Well.

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