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Shame and Loss of Confidence

Our goal is not only to reduce isolation and anger reactivity, and increase self esteem, but to walk a path of forgiveness for self and others.


Shame has many faces. For some it may cause them to be angrily reactive towards others or direct that reactive anger towards themselves. For some it may cause them to hide and escape any situation which may offer the opportunity for vulnerability. For some they have never felt as if anyone has ever really known them and they may conclude that if someone would ever fully know them, it would most certainly result in rejection. For some it has highly affected their self esteem to the point they can not describe themselves without using adjectives like worthless, stupid, foolish, unloveable, incapable, or not good enough. For some they have found it difficult to connect with others and develop lasting and meaningful relationships. There is hope. There are methods to train the brain to reroute the current system which produces shame. There is the potential for strengthening other internal voices and reconstructing the narrative that has been on replay way too long. Although shame may have been used to protect you by helping you survive your past, maybe you no longer need it. It's time to live freely.

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