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Through my experiences as a therapist, I feel I have truly discovered that as human beings we are all works in progress. Our life experiences shape us in extraordinary ways; however, sometimes we develop ways of navigating those experiences that are no longer beneficial to our journey. You may find yourself feeling stuck, confused, disconnected, isolated, or experiencing other complex emotions that make day to day life feel more difficult than it used to feel. You may be overloaded and overwhelmed due to recent life transitions, unexpected changes, or loss.


Over the years I have seen improvement in a variety of different individuals I have worked with, particularly focusing on concerns related to anxiety, self-esteem, depression and trauma. I also often find myself working  with individuals experiencing the life transition of adding to their family through pregnancy, childbirth and adoption. Although the experience itself can be extraordinary, it can also be terrifying, isolating and overwhelming all at the same time. The mental load we carry as parents often goes unnoticed; however, it is always working in the background, influencing our every thought and decision. If you are finding that any of this rings true in your own life, I would like to provide a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere to explore these feelings and help guide you in a direction that brings you closer to the goals you hope to achieve.


I began my experience in mental health while working on my bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Evansville. I completed an internship at a substance abuse treatment center and began working as a mental health technician there when I began my masters program at the University of Southern Indiana. After becoming a licensed clinical therapist, I began to work with women in active addiction and recovery that were pregnant, had families and/or had a history of varying degrees of traumatic experiences. I have found success in working with clients from all walks of life that have experienced traumatic events and/or identify with having dysfunctional family units.


Personally, I was born and raised in Merrillville, Indiana. I obtained my Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Evansville and my Master’s in Social Work at the University of Evansville. I worked at a community mental health center in Evansville, Indiana as a therapist for 5 years before deciding to move to Indianapolis 4 years ago to be closer to family. We live with our son and our two dogs. Primarily, I enjoy anything and everything that allows me to be outside, particularly walking and/or hiking. Otherwise I enjoy reading, cleaning, and playing video games.  My husband and I are both therapists and we view mental health to be as important as physical health. As a result, I have participated in therapy off and on throughout my life to better manage personal issues and continue working on myself as an individual and a professional. I look forward to meeting you and building a partnership centered on helping you make progress towards your goals.

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