My approach to treatment is to ensure that my clients are getting what they need from our sessions. I take great strides in creating an environment that an individual can feel comfortable and heard during therapy. Through my experience, I have learned to gear sessions toward what my client wants, whether that is a place to voice their concerns or find new tools and techniques to manage their difficult situations. It is my ardant wish that a client and myself create a positive relationship so as to better their circumstances and help them lead a more fulfilling life. Beginning therapy can be a difficult step as it can be daunting opening up to a complete stranger. That is why I am transparent in my treatment and willing to work with my clients on any issue or concern they have when starting treatment.


I employ several different treatment modalities when working with individuals in my care. This includes: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness practices and Parent and Child Interactive Therapy. 


Through my 9 years of mental health background I have had extensive experience working in a variety of different fields. I have worked in both residential and inpatient settings as well as home based therapy on an outpatient basis. I have conducted individual and group therapy sessions and covered mental health as well as substance abuse clients. 


Areas of Expertise:



Motivational Interviewing

Trauma focused therapy

Parent/Child Interaction therapy

Anger management




Family Therapy

As for me personally, I was born and raised in Crown Point, Indiana. My alma mater is the University of Evansville where I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in both Criminal Justice and Sociology. Afterwards I went to the University of Southern Indiana where I received my Master’s in Social Work. I live with my wonderful wife and son, along with our two dogs, in Indianapolis for the better part of 3 years. When I am not chasing around my very active son, I thoroughly enjoy reading, running, and learning how to play guitar. I have always seen mental health as an important part of life as my father was a clinical psychologist and my mother a social worker. My hope is that I can help you in reaching your goals by creating a relationship built on trust and respect!