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"There is no greater honor or privilege
than facilitating the process of healing for someone,
to bear witness, to reach out a hand,
to share the burden of someone's suffering,
and to hold the hope for their recovery." 
- Eleanor Longden

This is one of my favorite quotes that has guided me through my wide range of experiences in the mental health field. When you begin asking yourself the questions: why do I feel the feelings I feel, why do I think the thoughts I think, and why do I do what I do? These are the questions I have spent most of my time researching as I focus primarily on the unconscious brain.

I hold the philosophy that as we can identify how our brain and body are reacting and strengthen our sense of trust and safety, we can lower the fear and anxiety associated with our symptoms and more easily manage them.

My approach is very present focused. I do not believe that we need to "dig up" everything you have ever gone through. It is important that we focus on your present goals and revisit a part of the past only if it is keeping you from success. I am trained in multiple disciplines including Brainspotting (an evolution of the popular EMDR treatment).


I have served as a mental health expert for NBC and ABC. I frequently conduct trainings and coaching sessions for corporations around Central Indiana focusing on work/life balance and work style (assessing your own work style and building skill to engage others' work styles).

I am an advocate for individuals with mental illness within the local church. Partnering with several church across Indianapolis, it is my goal to reduce the stigma of mental illness, merge the faith perspective with the reality of mental illness, encourage a more accepting and welcoming environment, and plan with leaders on methods to better engage and plug in individuals with mental illness into their church community.

On a personal note, I was born in Oklahoma and have called Indiana home since 1995. I received my BA and MSW from Indiana University and have been married to my amazing wife Maggie for 12 years. We have 3 wonderful kids and the best dog ever, Hero. I have played the piano since I was 5 years old and now play multiple instruments, I believe there is healing power in music. I am an avid sports fan and love serving my local community in various capacities. My goal is to work with you in achieving life change so that you can live well.

Joel Hutton Therapy and Counseling in In
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