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Available at our SOUTH Indianapolis location near Greenwood

There are challenges in each of our lives and when given the right tools and support we can learn the beautiful art of embracing who we are in each aspect of our lives. We are bombarded with so many roles, responsibilities, tasks, and decisions every day. Often knowing when to take off one hat and put on the next can be challenging, especially when each hour of every day seems to be swirling by and blurring into the next.


As a working woman, a wife, a mother to 3 wonderful boys, a daughter, a sister, a counselor, and a friend, I understand the many roles we play and must work to balance to have a joyful, meaningful, and more satisfying life. For over 20 years I have assisted people in finding peace, improving overall wellness, and increasing happiness in relationships. Over 13 of those years have been as a licensed mental health therapist, with 7 prior years in various roles in the mental health field and education.


The most important part of achieving and staying healthy is getting to know, love, and trust yourself. Let me pour you a cup of coffee or tea and we can sit down together. Here you are accepted exactly as you are. Here you are safe and free to be you. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness - it’s how we grow. We’re not meant to do it all alone! Let me support your journey towards living your best life!

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