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Trauma and Grief: Honoring your pain

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Iceberg: Pain and Suffering with Grief and Trauma

Grief and trauma can leave deep painful wounds. Pain demands attention. All of the pain. Not just the pain showing above the surface. Deep wounds require deep healing. The healing process can be painful which is why some may try to escape it, some may try to numb their emotions, some may try to ignore their reality. None of these things make the depth of your pain and suffering go away.

You must honor your pain. Give yourself permission to hurt. This is not the process of “getting over it.” This is the process of getting into it. Walk this journey with safe people. Share your pain. When going through this process, it is important to take time to set your pain aside and do other healthy activities. Continue to revisit your pain. Absorb what it is telling you, how it is forming you.

Most importantly, when the time is right, and only you will really know when that is; move forward. You are not defined by your pain and suffering, rather your pain and suffering can propel you into your future. A future where only scars and memories remain.

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