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Bipolar Disorder: 4 Ways You Can Help Yourself Feel Better

Bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition which causes extreme mood swings. Emotional highs are referred to as mania or hypomania. Emotional lows become depressive states. The two most common ways to treat bipolar disorder are medication and psychotherapy. During treatment, here are four ways you can help yourself feel better.

1. Distinguish the difference between your true self and your symptoms. You are not your symptoms. By separating yourself, you may be able to focus on your behaviors and set goals without feeling increased guilt or shame about not being able to control your emotional shifts and some of your behaviors during those shifts.

2. Involve your safe support system in your treatment. Be open. Give your family and friends the opportunity to join you in your journey. A safe support system can offer valuable feedback and new perspectives. They can encourage you and help you maintain your treatment plan during crises.

3. Focus on developing a life rhythm. Establish routines for eating, sleeping, exercise, relaxation, and maintain your exposure to sunlight year around. Avoid alcohol and drugs. Regulating your lifestyles can minimize symptoms.

4. Be involved in your treatment. There are many different medication options. Be open about your side effects and how the medications are affecting you. Take your medications as prescribed. Do not try formulating the right dose and blending. Also, find a therapist who you connect well with and has the knowledge base to help you successfully navigate your symptoms.

Bipolar disorder can be managed and you can learn to detect early warning signs of an upcoming episode. You are not your symptoms. You can have successful relationships, career, achieve your goals, and feel good doing it.


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