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Jaimy Haskins

Available at our SOUTH Indianapolis location near Greenwood

Sometimes the thought of truly healing sounds impossible. It is a challenge we aren’t sure we want to take, we are not assured that things will change, and we may ask ourselves if trying will even be worth it. By reading my bio, I assume you are contemplating your current state and what you believe may be achievable for your future. Having an experienced professional to support you during this process can make a significant difference. Our work together is focused on your present moment. By creating a safe and accepting environment, we are able to process any part of your past that still has power over your present moment and reorganize any fearful or intrusive thoughts and sensations about your future.

I have worked for several years in mental health in a variety of ways such as community-based care, residential treatment, and private practice. I am trained in EMDR and also pull from a variety of other evidence-based practices and can tailor my expertise to have the best impact on your situation. I spent many years as an educator, working with people with special needs, behavioral concerns, and sexually harmful behaviors. This work has made it clear to me that we often can be stuck in a pattern of reacting to something that affected us in the past without even realizing the significance on our present. We are also shaped by many things that happen to us or around us that often are not within our control. Together we can work on forming new ways of looking at situations, patterns of reacting, and moving toward the person that you desire to be. I have been told I bring a gentle and supportive approach to create a safe space for clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

I am not just a therapist. I am a wife of over 25 years, a mom to 3 young adult/teenage boys. I have lived all over the country and even abroad in Italy for a time with my husband who was in the military. We love to travel, be in nature, and kayak. Books, coffee, and podcasts are some essential things for my sanity. When you are ready, I am here for you.
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