Oreo is a trained and certified two year old, hypoallergenic Bernedoodle. He is certified with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and has been for over a year now. He has experience in working with children in different capacities and adults in a Psychiatric Hospital. He loves visiting the adults at the hospital and getting as much attention as possible. He is big, so he loves getting big hugs from everyone! It’s amazing how effective a dog can be in therapy sessions. Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Autism, OCD, ODD, Specific Phobias, and behavioral issues and other diagnosis’ treatment can all be impacted positively by using a therapy dog in sessions. 


He is a very picky eater, but his favorite food is any type of meat. He absolutely hates and refuses to eat any type of fruits or vegetables. He will try them and spit them out. Because of this, he usually relates well with the little kiddos!

Oreo works alongside Charity Rose, MSW, LCSW