Misty Hinnefeld


Child and Family Therapist

With over 10 years’ experience in working with children and families, first as a probation officer and later as a therapist, I strongly believe in the power of faith and hope. The immeasurable value of the faith that parents, caregivers, and/or other supporters have in their children’s success and the hope that children develop within themselves as they learn to manage and overcome challenges.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a specialty in working with children and adolescents ages 2 to 18. Through my work with children and families in the child welfare system, I have extensive experience in:


Childhood trauma

Family reunification / Family Therapy

Parent-Child Relationship Therapy

Parenting / Parent Coaching

Attachment difficulties/disorders

Social anxiety

Behavioral issues/disorders

Mood disorders

Low self-esteem / low self-worth


Oppositional Defiant Disorder


Utilizing evidenced-based methodology and child-centered play therapy, I support children in using their imaginations in play to learn to process tough emotions and experiences. Through play, children learn how to understand themselves and others, learn how to express their feelings, and develop key skills such as inquiry, experimentation, and teamwork.

On a personal note, I was born deaf in my left ear, with some hearing in my right. I was fitted for a hearing aid in grade school, which helped with my academics…however I continued to struggle with my social development.


Not being able to hear like a “normal” child had its challenges. Many challenges! Thankfully, with the support of my grandfather, my mother, and mostly my beloved uncle, I learned to thrive in spite of challenges. I learned social skills through American sign language and lip reading. I was later blessed with a cochlear implant to hear better than I ever had with a hearing aid.


I understand the challenges that life throws our way – and how we must fight through them for growth, achievement, happiness, and acknowledgement. I understand it is never easy. I recognize what is needed to reach the other side.


I have been happily married for eleven years and am the blessed mother of two children; a boy and girl, who are the light of my life.