My experience in mental health has taught me that being a therapist is the greatest honor. A therapist gets a window into someone’s heart and gets to accompany them in navigating life’s challenges. As a therapist intern, it is my goal to serve individuals from any background, and to gain as much perspective into the art of therapy as I can. I am committed to working with children, adults, and families from all walks of life. My philosophy is rooted in the idea that everyone deserves a chance to heal and work through their struggles in a safe and inviting place. My goal is to provide a welcoming environment for you or your loved one to process trauma, improve coping skills, and work through challenges collaboratively.


From the beginning of my path in mental health, I realized very quickly that I have a passion for  working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have fostered this passion for working with individuals with Autism for 5 years and I am dedicated to continue serving this population as a therapist intern. I strive to meet individuals where they are at, regardless of their communication and social capabilities. 


I currently have my Bachelor's degree in social work from IUPUI and I will be working as a therapist intern. I am in graduate school at IUPUI to receive my Master’s in Social Work with a concentration in children, youth, and families.


I have job experience in the following areas:

- Vocational Rehabilitation for adults with Autism

- Applied Behavior Analysis for children with Autism

- High school mental health services

- Career services and sex education program implementation in special education 


I am eager to work with all individuals, including those experiencing:


Autism Spectrum Disorder





Relationship Troubles

Personality Disorders 

I whole-heartedly look forward to working with you and your family!