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Available at our SOUTH Indianapolis location near Greenwood

Mental health, like physical health, is just one component of our overall well-being. Life experiences and situations can influence how we feel and can impact our overall state of mental well-being. There are times that we may find that we don’t have all the tools we need to navigate our life journey effectively. You may be going through a season of change, have experienced a recent loss, or are struggling to juggle your different roles and responsibilities. You might find that you experience feelings of fear, shame, anger, or sadness. Your situation may cause you to feel isolated or stuck with no clear path forward. In this moment, you may feel overwhelmed, disconnected, or distracted.


  In my experience in the mental health field, I have worked with people experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma reactions, addictions, relationship difficulties, and more. I enjoy working with individuals to identify areas that aren’t working in their lives and collaboratively create goals to make the changes they want to see. I aim to help add tools to your toolbox so that you can better handle the challenges of life, and I hope to create a safe and comforting environment in which you can do so. 

I received my Bachelor of Science from the University of Kentucky in 2019 and took the unusual route of attending 3 years of medical school at Indiana University School of Medicine before pivoting to social work and mental healthcare. I believe that my unique experience and medical knowledge will allow me to help contextualize your life experiences, health status/history, and current concerns within a broader picture. I will graduate with my Master of Social Work (MSW) from Indiana University in December 2024. After obtaining my MSW, I aim to obtain my Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) certification and work in mental health therapy full-time. During my Master-level coursework, I have studied various treatment modalities, such as CBT, TF-CBT, motivational interviewing, and internal family systems therapy. 

I am a Hoosier born and raised and have called Indiana home my entire life. I currently live in Whitestown, IN after relocating from Indianapolis. My fiancé and I will be getting married in April 2025, and we are looking forward to all the changes the next year will bring. We are fur parents to two cats, Libby and Odin. I enjoy traveling, spending time with friends and family, and needle-pointing. I am an avid reader, and I am always willing to take recommendations to add to my to-be-read pile! I love working collaboratively with people to identify the things that are most important to them. My goal is to help support you holistically in your journey to reaching your goals and becoming the best and healthiest version of yourself.

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